We are a studio of developers, designers and product people. We focus on building software for the media industry. We combine technology and agile thinking to create great products people can’t help but love.

How can we help you?

  • Software as a service

    You need a big software solution? We are willing to be your partner in development and operating your customised software solution.

  • Pilot Projects

    Just wanna test the waters with a prototype before making the investment? We offer the perfect toolset for creating prototypes that fary your ideas.

  • Technology Advisors

    Do you have tons of questions, but not sure where to turn? We offer technology consultations for companies in need of advice.

  • Workshops

    You want challenge your ideas? We offer the skills and resources to bring bring your problem to the next level.

A Selection of our Work

  • Newsfinder



    The Newsfinder app allows Axel Springer employees to create real-time overviews for hand-picked topics using keywords or hashtags. Among the wide range of sources are third-party publications, social media channels, and news from press agencies. Automated translations make it possible to review foreign publications easily.

  • Content Exchange Platform


    Content Exchange Platform

    Axel Springer has more than 15.000 editors across the globe producing an enormous stream of content ranging from traditional newspapers and advertorials to blogs and digital video platforms. The Content Exchange Platform enables the sharing of content within the Axel Springer group.

  • Single-Sign On


    Single-Sign On

    We are the full-service operator for Axel Springer's Single Sign-On service.We successfully manage half a million active users, of which 100, 000 are active on a daily basis.Our service securely facilitates the complete account and profile management as well as newsletter subscriptions.

  • Opt-In Layer


    Opt-In Layer

    Facing the effects of the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) concerning tracking, advertising and cookies we built an open source, easy to integrate, customizable, good-looking, responsive, lightweight JavaScript Library. While working on this solution we also helped shaping the IAB specification and integrated this new standard to forward the user's consent to different vendors.

Product Owner at Ideas Engineering

„I can quickly reach out to the right people if I have impediments that I cannot solve on my own.“

Our Company Culture

Our Background

Axel Springer Ideas Engineering was founded in 2013 as an in-house Incubator for the Axel Springer Group. Our early years were characterized by rapid growth and a continually evolving organizational structure. While one part of the team focused on founding Start-ups, the other part focused on developing software services for various Axel Springer companies. After only two years more than 10 of our original ideas grew into individual products or companies such as Celepedia, The Iconist, and Upday. Such success led to a realignment of our vision, and we decided to focus on our core DNA: Ideas and Engineering. Doing so allowed us to do what we do best: develop software and digital products.


Since then the organization has matured rapidly. We went on and developed a digital payment platform that enabled BILD.de and WELT.de to step into the world of paid journalism as a first mover in Europe. Millions of payment transactions for digital content have been handled by our platform since then. Meanwhile, we’ve developed several software solutions and services around digital content. We mastered the art of automated metadata enrichment for videos and pictures. Such specialized skills allowed us to offer products like the Newsfinder; a personalized real-time news scanner specifically crafted for our journalist colleagues in the Axel Springer group.


Our newest baby is our democratic innovation process, which allows us to fulfill two important objectives: Firstly, Deep-diving into the most recent technology phenomenons like AI and Blockchain for a better understanding of the exponentially evolving markets and secondly, creating an economical testing playground for digital product increments of real business challenges from the Axel Springer family and beyond. All this is culturally fueled by our lateral leadership principles and constantly evolving, democratic company processes with one true goal: We turn your ideas into great products.

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